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Yes...actually, I was taking up to 120mg at one time. It doesn't really help. It's trully an antidepressant. My pain managment doc called it "cyball-ca-ca-". He dropped me to 30 mg just to keep my md happy about treating my anxiety for now. I am on skelakin which is a skelatal muscle relaxer for my related back pain, and topamax.

I also get regular (3x weekly) treatments from a napropathic doc with electric stim and myofacial release and they are talking about some acupuncture. So far I 'm feeling better. Which part of it's working...couldn't tell you. they will be adding more meds as we go on. He said it's hard to treat adhesion related pain without narcotics (which was my request, because I had unintentionally became addicted to my vicodin, and finally have withdrawn). Heavy muscle relaxers for the gut would be the answer he said, but we know that would only put our failing bowels to sleep for good. Ah... how the saga continues.

I don't want to discourage you from trying it. I mentally felt better, which in turn made me feel physically better. So give it a whirl. It helped...but was short lived.


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Has anyone ever heard of cymbalta?

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