Re: Painful and alone

From: ladybugs (
Sat Oct 1 18:18:10 2005

hi I feel all the pain I had 20 surgeries and now the adhesions is back full and my hernia pop out real bad due to the fullness of the adhesions I went yesterday to a different surgeon and he is willing to help me he told me the

risk which I know already but what can one do im on oxycotion 80mg plus patches and for the past few months haven't been helping my bowels are not working right feeling of a partly obsution.the doc told me that my problems are so complex I felt his sadness for me which is hard to find a doc that believes what you say most don't want to touch me anymore its hard to find but you got to keep looking .if it helps me for a bit then its worth it .and

people whom have these kind of problems can get ssi or ssd they just have to

fight this is a real problem and its hard to do anything I will let you know

when surgery is for and how it turned out pray as I pray for all of you thanks for listening Alaina

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