hysterectomy now adhesions

From: Teresa White (whitetk7000@hotmail.com)
Sat Oct 1 18:16:45 2005

I had a hyst in May last year (vag). I always had pain to the right of my navel about 1 inch, then about 1/2 inch under that.. the pain didn't go away

: ( It's like a sharp stabbing hot pain that just strikes and leaves as quickly as it came.. it continues alot of the day, a bad pain but it's so quick I don't take anything for it. I haven't spoken to my gyny as I suppose it's not his problem now it's mine.

I have to have a colonoscopy to check my bowels tho the local doc finally agreed the pain is probably adhesions. More surgery could cause more adhesions couldn't it? Plus I'm petrified of hospital. Any suggestions please? Thank you TK

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