From: chriztene (
Tue Sep 27 22:01:09 2005

I read this board daily to gain support from all of you who suffer from adhesions..A crippling, debilitating problem..I wanted to thank those who responded to my email in searching for a doctor. I went back to the doctor who took the adhesions down this same time last year and he has agreed to take them down again for me..Thanks to this life saving board and you treasured woman, I knew what questions to ask him.

He said he would try and use a barrier this time, however, he said 1 out 10 experience any help. Also, he said its hard to push the mesh through the lapro. I had read an email here where a woman said her gyn said he wouldnt do the lapro again due to her no longer having her female organs. That posting really upset me in how can a doctor be so cruel to help you with lapro and then do a histro and then refuse to help you any longer. So, I asked my doctor what if they come back again. He said he would either take them down again or refer me to a surgeon who deals with adhesions/barrier. I do still have all of my female organs and really do not want a histo, and he did explain why he would do one and that would be to prevent the adhesions from adhering to my uterus/bowels. This made me feel a bit better about the total H, however, he did side with me and said he would do a lapro only this time.

My bowels barely function at this point and the weird thing about my adhesions is they formed around my small bowel/appendix area. Even the dr. was surprised when he went in last year to remove them that he asked if I had in the past my appendix removed - which I have NOT...He said the adhesions were minimal in my female organs. My adhesions were massive, running up my entire right side.

Have any of you ever had your adhesions form around this area? Why is it so hard to get a doctor to go in there and look around in that area? Obviously, tests do not reveal everything, especially concerning adhesions.

Before he will do another lapro I have to have a colonoscopy!! Well, its 3 weeks to get into a gi doctor and I have spent the last 3 months in bed and another 3 weeks seems like an eternity.

Have any of you had good results with your GI doctor? Is this the dr. who diagnosis obstructions? I had a GI experience 2 years ago and he sent me on my way with an IBS diagnosis. I learned 2 weeks later about my massive adhesions.

I just wanted to thank those of you which said to NEVER give up..Because I had given up and just wanted to die..My thinking had become so distorted due to the hopelessness, lonliness, and isolation..I was hoping this ct scan would reveal anything - even cancer, because at least you know there is an end. With adhesions, its a slow, agonizing existance - suffering day in and day out.

The hardest part (among many others) is looking at your family/friends blank stare at me..I have accepted the fact nobody else can know what we adhesion sufferers go through and just how horrific it is. There are no words to try and explain to others what you go through on a daily basis - just to exist.

Does anyone relate to this? Its almost as if they think - well its just adhesions, not realizing the affect "just" adhesions have on someone. I try not to complain, thus, not wanting to drag everyone else down with me. That is why this board and you wonderful people have been literally a life saver for me the past few months. I can actually be in touch with others who know what kind of hell adhesions are and just how difficult it is to deal with the pain, pulling, and feeling your stomach close off more and more with each passing day..

Thank you for letting me vent..

God Bless, Christie

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