just figured this out

From: azar (azar101781@aol.com)
Tue Sep 27 22:01:39 2005

Hi Back in December I had my son, and during the c section the doctor perforated my colon and didn't know it. I was sent into boston about 2 weeks later because of it and had abdominal surgery to find the perforation (which they did) and everything has been ok since. But for the past 5 days after I ate I have been feeling AWEFUL. Like I have to have diarreah (only I don't) and nausea and I feel like my stomach is huge and is just very UNCOMFORTABLE. it's not "pain" like sharp or anything, but it is very very unpleasant. the worse time that it happend was I had a big bowl of lucky charms with soy milk, then again after I had a chicken sandwich and fries from wendys. (I don't eat this bad all the time). So I did some research and found this website and read through some messages. It must be adhesions. Can someone name some specific foods that works for them in their diet? Thanks

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