Re: gallbladder adhesions

From: LPW (
Wed Sep 21 21:53:47 2005

Sounds very familiar to me, I am having the same problem. Right side pain, just under the rib cage. I am 37 years old, workout six days a week. I had my gallbladder out 10 years ago also. This just started two weeks ago. It is adhesions or my appendix.

I do have Crohns Disease which is in remission, I do not feel this pain is related.

Sometimes it goes away completely. When it does hurtI have a hard time taking in a deep breath. Just thought it was interesting we are both at the ten year mark. I had mine out after my first son was born three weeks postpartum and had over one hundred stones. Good Luck, I spent seven years being misdiagnosed with Crohns Disease. I had one Quack tell me I was probably depressed and that was why I was in pain.

My pain seems to be getting more and more localized, sometimes it will radiate up into my right lung. It feels like a sharp gas pain that will not go away and is also sore.

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