Re: adhesions returning

From: Robin M (
Wed Sep 21 21:47:18 2005

Dear Leiza, I had my surgery in Germany with Spray Gel in June 2003. At my 2nd look lap, I was found to be adhesion free. I am still adhesion pain free now. I think I also have muscle degeneration in my lower back. Most of the time, my lower back does not bother me, but when I am cooking and cleaning, I need to take lots of breaks because my back hurts too much. I spent 2 years in bed not doing any thing prior to this, and many years, not doing much all because of the adhesion pain.

I am now out and enjoying life. I feel great. I still suffer from depression, but I have suffered since pre teen. I am on meds for the depression which helps a great deal. robin M

At Sun, 18 Sep 2005, International Adhesions Society wrote: >
>On Behalf Of Leiza Scerbo
>Sent: Tuesday, September 13, 2005 10:59 PM
>Subject: adhesions returning
>I have been through 16 surgeries for adheisons. I
>have had Interceed and Seprsafilm used, each failed
>and the adhesions returned worse than before. I
>recently went to Germany where Spray Gel was used.
>My question is this. Has anyone else out there
>gone to Germany and had Spray Gel used? Are
>you still adhesion free?

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