Re: Painful and alone

From: chriztene (
Wed Sep 21 21:47:34 2005

At Mon, 29 Aug 2005, DT wrote: >
>DO NOT ACCEPT NEVER...I have had 12 surgeries in the last 14 years and had
>to have every one of them because of crisis. For the last 5 months I have
>been bedridden in agonizing pain after 2 years of being able to do
TaeKwonDo >
>and competitive volleyball - and I want my life back. My surgeon said the
>same thing - he would never do another surgery because of the high risk (i
>have massive adhesions) - the Dr. I got a 2nd opinion from said same thing.
>Now I have another Dr. and he is doing surgery on the 26th of Sept. thank
>Don't give up. Keep looking - ask friends to ask friends to ask their
Dr.'s >
>for Dr's with expeirience...whatever you need to do.
>Best wishes

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>Sender: (Kelly)
>Subject: Re: Painful and alone
>I am 32 and just had my 7th abdomenal surgery this past
>February and I have been told that I have massive adhesions
>and will still require more surgery in the future. My regular
>OB has told me that she will NEVER operate on me again
>due to all the scarring that I have built up over the years.

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