Adhesion diagnosis/new visitor/help!!!

From: Kathy in Houston (
Wed Sep 21 21:46:27 2005

I have been treated in the past for adhesions resulting from endometriosis, multiple laporoscopies, myomectomy, and a total abdominal hysterectomy 7 years ago. My last surgery was the hysterectomy. Beginning several months ago, I began having severe pain in my lower right side, which ranges from tugging to sharp pain, depending on what I am doing at the time. I visited a gyn and he told me that he cannot help me, because I do not have any reproductive organs left to treat. He refered me to a gastrointerologist. He performed every test imaginable. (Can adhesions be seen on a CT Scan? My GI says they can, but I have heard that they cannot. I do not know which is true!)

Anyway, the GI went through his check list for possible sources of my pain. He could not find the source, so he literally showed me the door, suggesting that my gyn perform an exploratory laporoscopy to try to find the source. My gyn has already dismissed me, due to lack of reproductive organs!

I don't know what to do or where to turn. Would adhesions form after 7 years?

I would appreciate any advice anyone could give.

Kathy in Houston

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