From: Dawn (
Tue Sep 13 20:27:04 2005

Hi All, I have adhesions to,due to a hysterecomy. My story is pretty much the same as all of you. I do have a question though..... Has any of you had the pain calm down to where all you needed were a couple of asprins and a mussle relaxer except for one day a week? That one day a week is hell and I do take dilaudid that day. And then after a couple of months it gets real bad again on a everyday basis, and lasts for about a month then calms down again for a couple of months and comes back again. My doctor told me that was normal. It just seems weird to me how it can calm down for a while and out of no where I'm back to serious pain (not being able to sit up or walk just stuck in a ball in bed) and it doesn't calm down. Has this happened to any of you? Also do any of you have p.m.s. symtoms right before the pain comes or have a problem with trapped gas? I do. Does any one know if this will ever go away for good? My doctor said it would in time but, the pain center said it wouldn't. Please get back to me.

Thank you, Dawn

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