Please help I can't take the pain...

From: lauren (
Tue Sep 13 20:29:22 2005

I had my second surgery in June of this year, I thought I would feel like a new women, as I did the last time. I wish I could say I do, but I don't . The Pain in back and I am getting depressed again about he whole thing. I do go to a counsler, which helps some, but my family and friends just don't understand what I am going through, I can't eat normally, I put on a good facade, but I am beat by days end. I do direct most to this wed site to understand what most of us go through, but I can handle it anymore, can someone please help me!! I don't know what to say to my PCP either. I can't sleep at night, I lost interest in most things that I use to enjoy. any suggestions? Lauren

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