The tugging pain has returned

From: Ron/Barbara Paul (
Tue Sep 13 20:27:40 2005

My wife has had SEVERE tugging pain above her navel (IN THAT ONE SPOT ONLY) on an off for the past 10 years. Eating anything makes it worse. She has had 4 laproscopic surgeries, the last being with Drs. Reich & Redan in 2000. As the surgeries increased, the number of adhesions found became fewer and fewer. After the surgery with Drs. Reich and Redan, the pain was relieved for about 6 months, then came back. But, it lasted only a few days and would come an go about every 4-6 months. Now, the pain is back and, at times, extremely severe (a 20 on a scale of 10).

The Mayo Clinic could not find anything other than bacterial overgrowth. A CT scan taken during a tugging attack showed nothing.

We are going to a pain clinic where we are now up to Oxycontin 20mg, Percocet and Baclofen 10 mg.

We tried 25 mcg of Fentanyl but that did not help. My wife is trying to avoid taking opiates as she already has bowel function problems due to a clot. We are scheduled to see a surgeon. Our GI feels it might be adhesions again. My wife feels helpless as do I.

Would like to hear from anyone who has experienced something similar and what was done

Thanks, Ron

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