Re: pain, cramping, C, D, and feeling isolated

From: DT (
Tue Sep 13 20:25:54 2005


Get another Dr. or demand a referral to a surgeon who has experience dealine

with adhesions - do not accept no for an answer. Adhesions DO come back, we

all know that, but there ARE at least two medical interventions (Interceed and Seprafilm) that an EXPERIENCED surgeon can try. There is plenty of research that shows many people benefit. I was not one of the fortunate one's three years ago when my surgeon tried but I am going to try surgery one more time and this time try the other one.

Print out ever copy of every research article on Interceed and Seprafilm that you can find and either give or mail them to your Dr. - then start asking around for a surgeon people like and trust - talk to ER nurses if you

know any - family members - this group - but don't you let your Dr. tell you

she refuses to give you a referral. You cannot be denied a second opinion (which IS what a referral can be considered). If she refuses you either make the appointment yourself or let her know that you intend to write to the medical board and your insurance company about her refusal to treat your

condition adequately.

Don't give up - I've been 12 years fighting and I'll NEVER go through what I went through again. Know your rights and be strong for yourself.


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