what next?

From: International Adhesions Society (tracy.joslin@adhesions.org)
Fri Jul 29 17:12:36 2005

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Dear Ann Marie My adhesion pain started after a bad c-section, too. I understand how guilty you can feel when it affects everything, even your kids. I think that's even worse than the pain, because it seems so unfair.

I hate being on the pain meds, but I have no choice and I've stopped worrying about when I'll come off them. Fortunately, my husband is understanding, but no one else seems to, or to care, to be honest. I've had to give up work because they kept asking when I'd be better, they didn't understand that I might not. And I hate that I can barely walk some days, let alone do all the things I used to love doing.

The only advice I can give is to keep going. I don't know how! I struggle with that myself most days. But my kids are fantastic (6 and 4). They've never known me any different and, although I might hate it, they know that there are things Mum can't do and they just accept it. It is depressing to think that, at such a young age (32), this might be the rest of my life, but for my kids I can't let it get me down. Or at least I have to battle that.

Please keep trying. Take each day as it comes. They may find a barrier that works or something, after all. And as for complaining, if no-one else wants to hear it, or like me, you hate bothering your family all the time, unload it here or contact me direct if you wish. Sites like this are a life saver for people who need somewhere to off load without feeling guilty.

Hope things pick up for you. I'm thinking of you. Cristyn

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Hi there. I am very new to this forum. Basically my story is as follows. I am 37.

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