Surgery Next Week - Please pray for me

From: Jawana Coleman (
Fri Jul 29 17:12:51 2005

Hi! Hope everyone is having a low pain day. I have posted several times and have appreciated Learning from your experiences and advice. I have decided to have one last surgery to remove endo and adhesions. I go in next Thursday morning and I am scared. If this one doesn't work long-term, I give up. I have been under the care of a pain mgmt dr for almost a year now and have not had surgery to remove adhesions since last Feb. I did hvae my gall bladder removed in June of last year, but that doesn't count. Besides alleviating that pain, I think I grew adhesions there as well.

Anyway, I agree with Rach. Even a few weeks or months with less pain will be worth it. After you have been on pain drugs for a long period of time, thye don't work as well. You take more and more just to alleviate the pain and I hate the way I feel on high doeses of narcotics. I figure that if I have surgery I can at least cut down the pain meds for a period of time and give my body a rest. I expect that the adhesions will reform as they have done after the previous 3 surgeries, despite the barriers and my doctor's will.

I have decided, though, that this is it for me. If this surgery does not provide long term relief, I will have to find a way to deal with long-term pain meds. I don't want to get my hopes up again only to have them dashed again. When the pain returns, you just feel like bawling your eyes out. And you hide it as long as possible because you don't want to tell your family and friends that the surgery did not work and that the pain is back. I have gotten to the point that I rarely mention the pain to anyone but my husband because of the looks I get. I don't want to be seen as a whiner or a cry baby. I am tough as nails!! Please pray for me next Thursday. Even though I am tough, I am also realistic and therefore just a little bit scared. Thanks - Jawana Feel free to contact me at

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