Re: My Update - from Rach

From: Rach (
Wed Jul 27 21:03:40 2005

I actually have a really AMAZING pain management doctor. It doesnt matter what the pain management doc does, my adhesions progressively get worse causing me to be on such high doses of pain meds that the pain meds dont work anymore. Right now my ovary is being pulled behind my uterus & my uterus is being pulling down the wrong way.

If surgery helps me by loosening up the adhesions & stops the constant pulling, why shouldnt I have it? If I get 3 months, or even 3 weeks, painfree, why shouldnt I do it. After surgery, when my adhesions come back, pain meds work again. If I continue without surgery I will be in bed within the next month & hooked up to a morphine drip within the next 3. For me, a lap is worth it. My adhesions wont get any worse by having surgery & for right now the laps help.

Also, surgery might not be good for adhesions in some places & might be fine for others. I dont know that I would have surgery if I had adhesions in my stomache, but for my pelvic area I know it helps. I know what is causing my pain, why wouldnt I fix it? If someone has torn ligamints in their knee, do they go on without surgery & their knee giving out all teh time, or do they have surgery to repair the torn ligamints? Chances are that a knee surgery is only good for about 10 years & then you will need another. Does that mean you do surgery on teh knee or now? Is it worth 10 years, or even 10 months of being without pain, or do you just say that since they will eventually need knee surgery again, why should they do it in the first place?

I know that for some people surgery makes them worse, but please realize that not everyone is the same. Some people actually get relief from adhesions. We each are in charge of our own bodies & we know what is best for ourselves. I know that for me, I have done enough research & know my body enough to know what helps me & what doesnt. I choose my risks knowing what the possible outcome is. I understand that some peope dont believe that surgery helps, but dont judge those of us who believe that a lap will help us. I dont judge those who think that a surgery will only make things worse, so don't judge me.

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