Pain developed 15 mos. ago adhesions?

From: Gail (
Wed Jul 27 20:55:51 2005

Hi 39 yo female w/ history of: 2 inguinal hernia surgery ('65 & '90), DC/lap for possible ectopic pregnancy ('89 Nothing at all found/seen.)

15 months ago a pain suddenly appeared in the lower R abdomin. It is very near the ovary, doesn't move. It varies in severity, can be sharp at times but mostly a dull ache that sometimes feels cramped or tugging. Its really hard describe exactly how it feels or pinpoint what brings it on. It seems very noticable during certain times in my menstrual cycle and if feeling Im constipated. I have alot of low back pain to related to old injuries and pelvic instability too. After a year Im so confused, I really don't know what is what. Im frustrated & my Dr just throws her hands up.

Ive noticed too in the last year occaisional urinary difficulty, either getting stream started and or emptying my bladder. My stools have narrowed & I often have to go 4-5 times in the ams before I feel fully emptied, lots of lower GI cramping. Any thoughts? Thanks, Gail

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