Re: had surgery-please help

From: Rach (
Wed Jul 27 20:56:44 2005

Anna Merry,

Unfortunately there isnt much they can do about adhesions. When they did the hystoscopy did they see any adhesions? What makes them say you have adhesions?

I suggest you fing a good doctor that deals with adhesions. If it is related to your pelvic area, there are some really good gyn's that specialize in adhesions. Also, you need a good pain management doc.

You need to also learn who to stay away from. Docs that say adhesions dont hurt, or say that a hystorectomy will cure the adhesions, or has ANY cure for adhesions...those are the types of docs you have to be careful of. Also, you should never be refered to as a drug addict just because you are on meds.

It is YOUR body. Be careful what you do with it. Research what a doctor want to do to you. Know that there is nothing wrong with doing what you can to be comfortable. And ALWAYS trust your gut.

I hope you have as little pain as possible.


At Mon, 25 Jul 2005, anna merry wrote: > >had my cone biopsy today >they did a hystoscopy while i was under the GA and they okayed all my >reproductive bits-cyst has gone thankfully so they said- >it must be adhesions so we no longer need to see u apart >from the smear point of view.

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