Re: Pain developed 15 mos. ago adhesions?

From: DT (
Sun Jul 31 18:20:36 2005

Almost word for word you describe many of the elements of the symptoms I have from my adhesions disease. The adhesions right now are wrapped around at least my bladder and small intestine and pulled down to the lower right pelvic quadrant. The result is intense pain in lower right pelvis, when I stand, cough, stretch, and void or move bowels. In fact I don't move things but once every 5 or so days anyway, and although I void ok, it comes out in a very thin stream and is like peeing razor blades sometimes. Quite often its difficult to get it started. The worst part is that I also leak, and consequently have to take distropan XL.

If you are a candidate for laprascopic surgery (through bellybutton) consider getting a surgical opinion to rule out adhesions.

Best wishes DT

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