Re: Scared and in search of some help

From: lostcst (
Mon Jul 25 20:11:51 2005

Dear Nikole, I'm so sorry for all you have been through. I don't know how a

doctor who diagnoses adhesions can then say they are not causing you pain. That's kind of brainless. Of course your adhesions could be causing that kind of agony. My adhesions used to cause me to curl up in bed and put a washcloth in my mouth to keep from screaming. They can be very, very painful. Hysterectomies in my experience don't always help anything. I hate to give advice because everyone is different.

I guess I would have no more surgeries until I found a specialist. In my opinion the doctor in Frankfurt,Germany is excellent. He certainly helped me. Here again, there are no guarantees.

Pain management is a field of medicine wherein different drugs are tried until you find one or two that work for you, thus enabling you to function at some level bvetter than no pain meds at all. There are specialty clinics that only do pain management. Most will prescribe opiate based drugs, some will not. You need to investigate what is availaable in your area. Where are

you from? If you are interested please read my story on the Adhesions Quilt. It might be helpful. Good luck, with kindest regards, Sally Grigg

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