Todays fun

From: Rach (
Mon Jul 25 20:11:23 2005

So....this morning I woke up, late like usual, & went to the bathroom. Sorry for being graphic, but I went #2 for the first time in a week or so. I have been very constipated & the over the counter stuff isnt working too well. When I was finished in the bathroom I got dressed for work. I was getting ready & all of a sudden I felt such a stabbing pain I almost passed out. I felt like I was having spasms in my ovary area. I have no idea how I got back into bed, but somehow I did. I was soooo scared. It was NOTHING like I have ever felt. I am already doped up on high doses of pain killers, & to feel this amount of pain with all these meds in my system was crazy. I wanted a heating pad, but I couldnt imagine climbing out of bed to get it.

I remember that when I was walking back to my bed, right after it began, that with every movement the spasms got worse. I couldnt even breathe through them. I dont know what caused the pain.

I have had pain before when I have gone to the bathroom, but that was WHILE I was going, not 5 minutes or so after I finished. It was also never spasms. I was scared & alone. These are the times I completely HATE living alone. I wish there had been someone here to hold me or to help me. At least getting me a heating pad, or getting me my pills, would have been nice. I dont know how I got the pills out of my bedside table. I took a Xanax & percacet. I was in bed, not moving for about 1/2 hour before I trusted myself to move again. I actually went back to sleep for an hour or 2 & when I woke up it was finally completely gone.

Has anyone suffered such dibilitating pain after they ate fininshed in the bathroom?


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