had surgery-please help

From: anna merry (annam1006@aol.com)
Mon Jul 25 20:10:31 2005

had my cone biopsy today they did a hystoscopy while i was under the GA and they okayed all my reproductive bits-cyst has gone thankfully so they said- it must be adhesions so we no longer need to see u apart from the smear point of view.

They told me theres not much they can do for adhesions and that its unfortunate, but i cannot keep having GA's and they'll come back anyway so no point

Told me to try and hang on with the pain and if needed go back to gp I could and then they could could refer me to pain management team feel very deserted over this

I have have these pains for nearly 3 years and the last 6 months its been unbearable-codiene being used in order to cope.

I am 33 so will I have to suffer this for life. Just want to cry-so hoped something would have been achieved today.

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