Is this bladder adhesions?

From: SAM (
Mon Jul 25 20:09:57 2005

About 7 years ago I had a uterine hysterectomy taken vaginaly. I started having immediate pain which went on for four months. After countless visits to my family doc, OB/GYN and 7 trips to the ER and being told it was just gas,I was dx with bowel obstruction thanks to scar tissue and adhesions. I had emergency surgery and was kept 6 days. I had incisional hernias from that surgery which I had surgery for. I have had constant abdominal pain since. Just a week and a half ago, I had surgery for ovarian cysts but they went in through my old c-section scar. About 6 days ago I started having severe pain towards the end of emptying my bladder. I get this awful pain behind my incision and on my pelvic bone. I did some research and I know I need to see my doctor but I feel worried, I don't want a repeat of the four months I went through. I guess I'm looking for encouragement and reassurance.

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