Re: Severe Abdominal Pain

From: jack kasun (
Mon Jul 25 20:08:10 2005


I had continuous stomach pain from Jan. to June 2005. The stomach pain began the day after surgery (aortic valve replacement). After 5 trips to the first gastroenterologist and a few tests and many perscriptions, the pain continued.

I changed doctors and after a 10 min. consultation with another specialist, he diagnosed my problem as adhesions caused by the surgery. He prescribed amitriptyline 25mg (once a day at bed time).

Understand it's important to only use the low 25mg dosage. The next morning my pain was gone, although the stomach felt a little weak, and the weakness became less pronounced on a daily basis. In 7 days my stomach felt great, just like old times. I'd be interested in hearing from you if this works. Hopefully by now, some doctor has figured out and corrected your problem.

I truely understand the quality of life situation that goes with this stomach pain.

Jack ex Capt. USAF

At Tue, 2 Dec 2003, Roger wrote: >
>I am a 39 year old male with a history of abdominal adhesions. I am
>active duty

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