VERY Worried about forming pelvic adhesions

From: Helen (
Mon Jul 25 20:08:39 2005

I was diagnosed with having a very large mass in my pelvic and from my CT scan and Ultra sound 2 Gynecologists and 3 General surgeons could not conclude where the mass is coming from. However all say that it has to come out no matter where it is coming from and that it is too large to do it via laparscopic surgery. Therefore I am having exploratory lobotomy and Resection of Abdominal Mass surgery. They all say the chance of it being cancerous is less than 5% but I still chose to have it with a general surgeon who is also an oncologist as well as Obstetrics & Gynecologist at George Town University Hospital in Washington DC.

My biggest concern is having adhesions after surgery since I aleady have experienced extreme scar tissue after having knee surgery which I am still batteling. I indicated my concern to my surgeon but he told me that there is no direct relation in having scar tissue on the knee with having it also in the pelvic and did not specifically say what he would do to mimimize my chances of forming scar tissue.

After reading so many of the posts and horror stories of what people with scar tissue in the pelvic are going through, I am terrified !! My question to anyone who experienced it is what I should demand my surgeon do to help minimize the scarring or if there is a list of surgeons on this website who understand adhesions that I should consult or any suggestions on how I should proceed. I live in washington DC area.

Thanks you Helen

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