Re: post-surgery pain

From: Rach (
Wed Jul 27 21:03:01 2005

I come here for support & to support others. I do not always agree with how others choose to deal with their pain, & I dont expect others to completely agree with the way I deal with it. I feel like everyone is against me. Who is to say whether 5 surgeries are crazy, or 15 surgeries are crazy. Who is to say what is too many & what is too little.

I have been suffering for 10 years. Some of those surgeries were done a couple of months apart & others where done years apart. The last surgery I had was 9 months ago. After that lap I went on fertility drugs to try to get pregnant. I didnt get pregnant, but it did cause my adhesions to grow much faster & cause me worse pain. I don't know why I am explaining myself, or even why I would have to. I come here for support, not to be told I am crazy.

>Everyone is not the same but in my case, I always
>feel better after surgery for a couple of weeks then
>the process starts over.

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