Re: Usage of Barriers for Adhesions

From: Melissa Price (
Mon Jul 11 22:36:22 2005

I defiantly agree, You need a second, third or how ever many it takes and research and much as you can. I seems like sometimes Dr. just don't want to hear from the patient when you have more to say then they do, or know more about this subject, I know this is very hard to deal with the pain, I am on my 30th surgery and I am living on pain meds. everyday.

If I don't take them, I am in bed or crawling to get my medication, I hope you find some help and a better doctor that will help you understand the complications of this decease. Melissa

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> Subject: Re: Usage of Barriers for Adhesions
> Ann,
> Your gastro Dr. said what??? That your adhesions

are in the lower abdomen and laprascopic surgery wouldn't do any good for you??

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