Narcotics & Constipation

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It's hard to know what to do. I have been battling ARD for a few years and I have never wanted to get dependent on laxatives.

If I don't take anything then I do not go to the bathroom for about five days and I am miserable. I have been told by my dr. and pain dr. that we MUST have a BM every day or serious complications can arise. (Blockages etc.) I only take them about once a week and have found that they are not strong enough or they cause so much pain that I won't take that kind. I hurt if I don't go and it is very painful to go from the scar tissue binding the intestines.

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This is actually very good, sound advice Jen gives.

There are very few OTC laxatives, if any, that are intended for, or safe for, long term use.

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