Re: Usage of Barriers for Adhesions

From: Melissa Price (
Sat Jul 16 16:12:29 2005

the surgeries are terrible on my body and mind and family life in general. I have had been to Mayo Clinic, Pain Dr. who tell you that it is all in your

head and that adhesions do not cause pain. I have even invited them to my home and witness for themselves what I go threw in a day. I cry every day because the pain is so bad. I go to the emergency room and the dr. feel bad,

but can do nothing except give me some shots which at least eases the pain for a few hours. I am sorry if this sounds like a pity party, today is just a horrible day. Thank you for your message. Melissa

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Subject: Usage of Barriers for Adhesions

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> Melissa,
> Maybe some of these people that are going for
> surgery can look at your message here and see

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