Re: Usage of Barriers for Adhesions

From: Ann E. Cervalli (
Sun Jul 10 00:56:56 2005

AFter reading your E-Mail I see that I am not alone with the pain and suffering I have had due to many abdominal surgeries. My list is almost as long as yours. My last surgery was two years ago a colon resection, and last year in Florida I was hospitalized and adhesions were removed.

I was fine for about six months. About three week ago the pain came back in the lower abdomen. I am now on pain pills, and looking for a doctor that understands my problem. My regular physician told me to see a head doctor. I was told that there is a doctor here in NJ tha does non-evasive lapriscopy surgery and to see him, but my gastro- intestinal doctor said that my adhesions are in the lower abdoman and lapriscopy surgery would do no good for me.

I don't know what to believe, all I know is that I have such pain and my life is such that I can make no plans whatsoever. I hope your surgery will show what is happening to you so that you may get some relieve.

Ann E. Cervalli

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