Re: Usage of Barriers for Adhesions

From: DT (
Sun Jul 10 21:29:43 2005


Your gastro Dr. said what??? That your adhesions are in the lower abdomen and laprascopic surgery wouldn't do any good for you?? Just where does this Dr. think the laprascopic tools go???

The fact is, IF you are a good candidate for surgery (which, unfortunatly for me and many others, this is not always the case) then laprascopic surgery is probably the best kind of surgery for your adhesions. This surgery involves a small incision in your belly button and two to three small incisions on either side of the belly button a little lower - through which the surgeon's introduce a camera, cutting instruments and other tools to remove the adhesions. This type of surgery is better for adhesion sufferer's because it does not involve a huge incision and can reduce the amount of new adhesions as a result. It also has a much quicker healing time - you are usually daystay in the hospital (go home same day or just one overnight) and within a few days to a week you're back to almost normal.

It is a little different for us, because the adhesions tend to come back fairly quickly in many of us, but you can see for yourself that there are a lot of people on this site who have had great success.

I highly recommend you seek a second, third or 10th opinion if you keep running into Dr.'s like the ones that told you its in your head and that laprascopic surgery won't work for you. I don't know your situation, but as I said, IF you are still able to safely undergo surgery AND you are a good candidate for this surgery (which you won't know until you are assessed by a competent physician/surgeon) - then you should not discount this as an option.

Can you tell I get so frustrated and upset when I hear stories like this? Best of luck to you - go on the Internet and do some research on the procedure....and get copies of all your medical records and start looking for a better Dr.


>----- Original Message ----- > Sender: (Ann E. Cervalli) > Subject: Re: Usage of Barriers for Adhesions > > AFter reading your E-Mail I see that I am > not alone with the pain and suffering I have > had due to many abdominal surgeries. My list > is almost as long as yours. My last surgery > was two years ago a colon resection, and last > year in Florida I was hospitalized and adhesions > were removed.

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