adhesion pain?

From: anna merry (
Sun Jul 10 00:57:42 2005

Really need help here Had burst appendix when I was 14 Then had PID about 4 years ago which was discovered in an emergency laparoscopy-I was in pain big time.

Anyway during that op they said i had extensive adhesions all the way up to my liver.

Now at 33 (I have three children all naturally) My left ovary is causing agony stabbing pains, and dull throbbing which radiated round to my hip area. Anyway, the scan rvealed a small cyst of 1.5 inches in diameter in the ovary-and it was said it shouldn't cause that much pain. Probably adhesions said the gp as scans cannot pick them up apparently. He seems to think the snapping elastic band-pain sensation I get(which when it happens doubles me up)is an adhesion paerhaps getting caught around the ovary. Anyway waiting to see a gynae consultant. But I'm fed up of this contiual pain. Am I alone with this pain??

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