Re: Usage of Barriers for Adhesions

From: tami schneider (
Sat Jul 2 13:43:15 2005

Kelly, I just had my second back surgery in 1yr. and a half on the same disk.After the first surgery I had pain 6 months later.I had an MRI with IV contrast that showed I had a small adhesion at the surgical site.When I had the second back surgery last sat.I asked about a adhesion barrier.I was told that there was one for the back but the FDA pulled it after 6 months.There is currently no adhesion barrier for people who have back surgery.

I did here of an adhesion barrier called Seprafilm that was getting good results.

Good Luck,Tami

> I was told by a surgeon that the interceed
> works well in the abdomen but not in the
> pelvic area. I went to Europe and had the
> Spray Gel but it didn't work out for me.

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