touch up surgery

From: doreen ahearn (
Fri May 6 14:39:57 2005

dear everyone. i posted a message on may1 about how well i was feeling since my surgery with dr gerhart in nov of 2004. i am sorry if this message has angered or upset ANYONE. however, i thought the purpose of this site was to be able to freely voice our thoughts about this disease. i come to this site for hope, support, and information. in any event, i have suffered for more than sixteen years and since my first surgery with dr gerhart i have been able to eat for the first time since 1992 when my jejunostomy feeding tube was placed. by posting my expereince i was merely trying to tell others that help us out there and that you cannot give up.

afterall, i have finally been able to eat for the first time in twelve years and for me that is great!! a life on pain meds to me is no life at all. i just wanted to offer hope to those of you who feel that there is nothing left to do.

i know that i came to this site and here is where i found out about dr gerhart. it was also at this site that i have received hope, support, and information. i just wanted to give something back. finally, please believe that i am not an uninformed individual. in fact, i am a registered nurse who has had a lot of experience in this area. good luck to all of you. again...i hope that your experience is as good as mine has been with dr gerhart.

maybe in six months i will feel bad again but after sixteen years i will take what relief i can get and be happy about it. feel free to contact me at all we have is hope and we should never give up. have a great day!!!!


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