Re: surgery soon for bowel please help

From: Sherry (
Fri May 6 14:41:42 2005

At Sun, 1 May 2005, wrote: Hi I had a hysterectomy in 1992 and have had bad abdominal pain ever since....

The pain that you are having sounds very familiar to me and I have had Dr's that just very casually mention adhesions. I never relized how common this is til I found all these people. My pain is constant and My Dr says that if I have the adhesions removed then I risk worse adhesions from that surgery. I wonder how long relief I might get if I have them removed, a couple pain free years at this point might be worth I t for me? Just dont know what to do. Let me know how you do with your surgery, My Dr has never mentioned the stuff they use now to help keep adhesions from forming. The first I heard of it was on this site. Good Luck


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