Re: Adhesions & Lower Back Pain

From: Anita Rivera (
Tue Feb 22 19:07:11 2005

At Sun, 20 Feb 2005, Terri wrote: >
>"after extensive phsyical therapy and such it seemed to get better, for
>awhile then ablut 3 yrs ago it came back with a vengence"

Hi, Terri.

I have a history similar to yours. I got terrible adhesions after a TAH/BSO in January 2003. Tried to have them taken down laparoscopically the following July but they were bad enough that my surgeon had to do a mini laparotomy instead. Yuck. I refuse to have more surgery until there are more promising outcomes to adhesion surgery unless it's an emergency. After my adhesion surgery I also did extensive physical therapy, as you did.

I'm curious, you said your pain came back with a vengence. Did you continue some form of PT and do your PT exercises and then noticed the pain was back or did you let up? I've noticed that I have had to continue some form of alternative treatment plan or my pain does get worse. Thanks for responding.


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