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Depending on the skill of the surgeon, I've had adhesions return in a few months, to as long as 2 years before the pain was unbearable. As far as symptoms, I am sure everyone is different, but I have constant achiness in my abdomen with frequent sharp stabbing pains, esp. lower quadrants. I bloat after eating, have chronic vomiting and diarhea. I have malabsorption problems and am so deficient in vitamins its overwhelming!

I can't digest solids very well, so I tend to overcook things and smash them up. Gas is a problem now, so avoid anything that gives you gas...and your pain will be lessened.

More surgery means more adhesions. In my case, I usually wait until it obstructs something , which has been way to frequent these days. Many people will suggest pain management, including my docs, but it's not for me. Not that I want to suffer, but I don't want to be drugged all the time either. Time will tell. Good luck and I hope this helped.


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> Where can I find a list of possible symptoms?
> How long after surgery might adhesions occur?
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