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kIERSTON, To me, going to the pain management clinic may help you out more with the pain as that is their specialty. Please go and try it.

They will try different meds and procedures to try.

I have chronic adhesion pain and am on meds daily. At first, I resisted the pain meds but what choice was there? They might try you on other meds besides pain meds. There are anti-seizure meds etc. that help with pain. I also take something for sleep and depression.

I have had the several surgeries with the "good doctors" and am back to suffering.

There is nothing wrong with pain management as long you listen to your dr. and he/she listens to you.

Every time I had surgery, I went off of the pain meds and felt fine until the pain came back. You read about people getting hooked but I think it is a small percentage and I think they take more then they are supposed to. After awhile, you do need to go up on dosage as your body gets used to it. Yur dr. will do that. Pain Management has saved my life.

The pain management can try something else besides Oxycontin. Some times your regulare physicians aren't comfortable working with pain meds.

Just be sure to find a good laxative or stool softner. I have problems with not having bm and it gets quite painful.

Please don't have anymore surgeries until we see all of the results down the road on all of these people having all of these surgeries latley

I went to Germany and had my surgery but it didn't work.. If I were to have surgery again, I would go back there.. I have had surgery in Pennsylvania with Dr. Redan and in Colorado.

If you have any questions, please ask and I have an personal e-mail at

As far as the depression, you may be depressed. I believe that most of us with ARD are depressed or people that have chronic pain or health problems. Who wouldn't be. I used to be ashamed of myself for being depressed but not anymore. I have been through a lot. It seems once I accepted the depression, things got better. You need to talk to your dr and take them and maybe get counseling and massage is good for the body and soul. I also have three children to take care of even though mine or older. I had to quit my job a couple of years ago becuz of ARD. Well, I will be a grandma(first time) next month.

Please don't hesitate to ask.

Mount Sanai sounds like it may the place. Have you asked them if they have any drs. that specialize in adhesion pain? Kelly

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I have had five surgeries to cut down my adhesions. My last surgery was October of 2003. Since this time my adhesions have returned and I am living in constant pain.

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