myofascial release bodywork

From: International Adhesions Society (
Sun Feb 13 12:48:16 2005

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I have tried Myofascial Release, and yes I found it to help me alot. I had a laparotomy in November of 2003 due to adhesions and was still in alot of pain. I work for OB/GYN doctors and they are now highly recommending some of their patients to have Myofascial therapy.

I have two partial blockages in my colon and refuse more surgery. The therapy is a little painful at first but if you continue for a few months it gets easier. I do have to drink Miralax about three times a week due to the blockages, but I can honestly say if any of you out there want to try Myofascial Release Therapy I do recommend it. Be sure to get a script from your doctor, and insurance does cover it. But make sure your doctor uses thearpy and NOT massage because then inusrance will not cover it. Good luck to all who decide to try it

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