Re: adhesion diet

From: Margaret (
Sun Feb 13 12:46:51 2005

Just a little Celiac note here- if your doctor thinks you have celiac disease (an autoimmune reaction to gluten that damages the small intestine and causes malabsorption) its best to have the full bloodwork for celiac, and the small intestine biopsies before stopping wheat/gluten. Once you've stopped wheat/ gluten and the intestine has healed and the antibody levels have dropped, its often too hard to get a diagnosis.So they should do all the workups while the poor intestine is still in bad shape, if you want a good firm diagnosis.

Some of the new blood tests are pretty accurate, but the small intestine biopsies are still the best way to go. Even then sometimes they don't show anything if the damage is patchy.The biopsies are painless, they do them with the 'scope, from the top. You have to make sure you find professions that know what they are doing, however (I think that is the case with everything!) to both do the biopsies and read the slides.


It's been only a few days, but I haven't gotten >sick once since I stopped the wheat/gluten.

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