adhesion diet

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Tue Feb 8 23:14:30 2005

From: [] On Behalf Of Jennifer Carpenter Sent: Monday, February 07, 2005 7:06 AM Subject: Re: adhesion diet

Bad food for me Strawberries Anything Citrus (except canned or juiced with no pulp) too much beef APPLES! Milk in excess. Bran Greesy foods the skins on potatoes Seeds and nuts Tomatoes (fine if its tomato sauce)

Since my surgery I have been better (2 years) I still have my days though. I still avoid the

Bad foods to avoid pain. I found that Peppermint Tea helped ease the pain a little along with 400mg of Ibuprophen (Advil). It would never go completely away but it made it bearable.

Subject: adhesion diet

As a fellow ARD sufferer, I notice that my pain is greatly reduced when I eliminate certain foods. There are foods that are safe for me and foods that can promptly send me to the hospital with a bowel obstruction. Perhaps others among you can add to my list.

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