Re: adhesion diet

Fri Feb 11 23:01:33 2005

Hi Kathleen.

i cannot eat raw apples, pears etc. Any fruits that have seeds tend to bother me as well. Also, if I eat raw veggies, expecially carrots and celery or broccoli...bad news. Too many nuts causes pain, dairy products cause major bloating and gas. Any type of cream sauces or soups do the same.

I can eat meats, but have to cut them small and chew really good, otherwise, I throw them up or have horrible pain while digesting. Recently, my docs suggested that I try a wheat-free/gluten-free diet. I did it (although extrememly difficult at first), i did notice that my symtoms had subsided somewhat. For one month, I ate no bread, pasta (except rice pasta), the only cereals allowed were rice or corn and oats in moderation...because oats have some traces of gluten in them. You really have to watch labels. Believe it or not...things you would think of contain forms of wheat...such as Soy licorice...salad dressings.

Also the obvious, no cookies or any baked goods for that matter, unless you make them yourself with gluten free/wheat free flour. I've tried it, it doesn't bake the same. Everything is harder and heavier, but the taste isn't bad. They sell many things premade without wheat/gluten such as pretzels, bread, waffles, pasta.

Life before I went on this diet consisted of me bloated and throwing up/diarhea after almost every meal. After four week on this, I hadn't thrown up once...and my bm's were normal! I never thought i'd see normal. Well, we still experimented and gradually reintroduced these things back into my diet. After 6 months of being back on everything, I obstructed! Go figure. Now, that could be coincidence, but it made me think enough to give it a try again. I am 12 weeks post-op now from 2 bowel resections resulting from 80% of my intestines being strangled by adhesions.

Fun eh? Docs gave me the go ahead to give it another whirl. It's been only a few days, but I haven't gotten sick once since I stopped the wheat/gluten. I am noticing more the dairy now though. I may try to cut that out more also. It's not worth the pain. You can do an internet search on Gluten free diets...there are tons of websites. They offer cookbooks, product lists of things that contain wheat/gluten, all the terminology that is included in that category, etc.

It's worth the time to give it a try. I promised my family that I would do the wheat free thing through Lent. The deal is, that if I feel better and don't get sick while I'm on it, that I have to stay on it. It was a great challenge on their part to me. Give it a whirl! You've got nothing to lose...maybe a few pounds along the way...and lots of sick days!

Best of luck. hugs,


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> Subject: Re: adhesion diet
> Knowing what foods are bad for you is helpful to me!
> Does anyone else know of certain foods that are bad or good for you?
> Let's share them. I know now that raw apples, bran, milk products are
> extremely bad for me.

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