Re: adhesions and ovarian cysts

From: Marian (
Fri Feb 11 22:53:36 2005

Rosemary, I am sorry that you feel lost. I also know what it is like when a doc tells you he won't operate on you anymore. I have been told that I would not have another operation to remove adhesions again (had3)unless I had a bowel obstruction (which in my case is very possible).

You need to find a specialist in your area. Maybe a colorectal surgeon.

Ask your GP if they know any adhesion specialists. You have to be your own advocate and keep searching until you can find a doc that will help you. I am going to see a chronic pelvic pain specialist on the 25th. I have had Seprafilm placed and it still doesn't work. This is what I did, I called all the pain clinics in the phone book asking if they have experience in chronic pelvic pain, until I found this one. Please make sure you ask this. Most pain specialist only deal with musculoskeletal pain(back pain, bone pain ,etc). I wish you the best.

At Thu, 10 Feb 2005, Rosemary wrote: >
>Can anyone help me? So far I have had three laparotomies and one
>laparoscopy. All four surgeries that have all included lysis of
>adhesions; all extensive. My second surgery I had my left ovary
>removed because it was stuck to my bowels.

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