Re: can ANYONE please help me??? PLEEEASE read REALLY IMPORTANT

From: Sharon (
Tue Feb 8 21:13:23 2005

Hi Ann Marie My name is Sharon I have had 18 bowel Obstruction surgeries so far due to adhesions I have had my hystrorectomy when I was 23 this all strated with cyst that would form on my Overies then 1 finally burst and when it did it took my overy and tube with it and I was just hemoraging (sorry I dont spell real well ) after that it was 1 surgery after another and now after 18 for obstructions alone no one will touch me . I have had chronic abdomial pain for yrs now . The last thing you want to do is to have another surgery it will just cause more adheasions. You might want to ask your Dr to send you to another Dr that can treat the adheasions problems and that is up to date on the lastest information Good Luck and Take Care and God Bless You are not alone I really do understand


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