Re: adhesions wrapping around small intestine

From: jennifer (
Sat Feb 5 20:33:40 2005

Hi Karen,

Sorry to hear about your situation! My mom had a similar situation with adhesions. It's kind of a long story, but back in 2001 she had surgery to remove a cyst on her ovary. A week later she developed a small bowel obstruction due to the severity of her adhesions. She had to have a second surgery & because the small intestine was damaged, 17 ft ended up being removed. She now has short bowel syndrome, which is a lifetime condition. She had to make major adjustments in her life & deal with taking a variety of medications and daily diarrhea. She was very sick for 6 mos and the doctors kept shuffling us around and sending her for tests. They weren't sure how to treat her. Eventually, she recovered.

Although, she lost 60 lbs in the process. Then in 2003, she started having problems again. She was having bouts of constipation and severe bloating. Her stomach would bloat up and she would look like she was 9 mos pregnant. She was on laxatives daily for awhile and then she had to have surgery again to remove the adhesions. Luckily, the surgeon did not need to remove any more small intestine. She was better for another yr and then the problems started all over again. Currently, she was referred to another gastroenterologist for a second opinion and a colorectal surgeon. They have both suggested that she might need surgery again and possibly have her colon removed.

She is going through a bunch of tests first before we discuss the options.

What were your symptoms that caused your emergency surgery? How did they determine that the adhesions were wrapped around the small bowel? Did you have to have any intestine removed? How are you doing now? Maybe we can share experiences and offer support to each other. If you want to, please feel free to email me directly or respond. I would love to hear from you!! Take Care, Jenn

At Wed, 2 Feb 2005, karen wrote: >
>i have had severe adhesions for several years.

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