Adhesion specialists in Huntsville, Alabama?

From: Elayne (
Sat Feb 5 20:34:10 2005

Hello, does anyone know of someone who specializes in adhesions in Huntsville, Alabama? Like many of you, I've had lots of surgeries and according to my last surgeon, I have very severe adhesions. I might have to have another surgery to remove an abdominal cyst, but my gyn dr is very reluctant to do it because of the severity of adhesions and the complications. While I would certainly rather avoid any more surgery, if it becomes unavoidable, I would like a surgeon who specializes in adhesions. Do they exist? Especially in Alabama?

Also, are there practitioners who specialize in pain management maybe thru physical therapy or something? Has exercise seemed to help anyone with adhesion pain, or does it make it worse? Or do certain kinds of exercise do better? Thanks!

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