Re: adhesions wrapping around small intestine

Sun Feb 6 22:57:19 2005

Dear Karen, The first time I had a small bowel obstruction they called in a surgeon first thing. Of course, I assumed that meant I was going to have surgery.

It didn't. Apparently it is necessary that a surgeon be consulted just in case. However, they put an NG tube down me (naso-gastric - nose to stomach tube) and connected it to continuous 24 hour suction. I was put on IVs and not allowed to even drink water until the obstruction opened. I was given Demerol for pain. I later learned that Demerol often has a relaxing effect on the gut (and uterus). The obstruction opened within two days.

I'm told that if it doesn't open in 3 days then there is concern that gangrene will set in and surgery is necessary. Surgery is highly discouraged however, because in my case, I was told the bowels can be compared to a garden hose stuffed in a barrel and then cement poured over it. Also, there are lots of blood vessels in the area and it's easy to cut one accidentally. My friend died from hemorrhage after having her adhesions cut loose.

I now control my problem and pain with diet (stay away from any gas-forming foods) including milk products--esp. if you're getting close to 50 years of age. As we get older our body no longer produces the necessary enzymes to digest certain foods that previously were no problem--such as milk. However, yogurt and yogurt cheese is not a problem for most lactose intolerant people. Goat cheese is also not a problem. If you eat problem foods be sure and take BEAN-O and/or Lactaid followed by Gas-X to prevent further obstructions. Hope that helps. ~ Kathleen

> Sender: (karen)
> Subject: adhesions wrapping around small intestine
> i have had severe adhesions for several years.
> 3 weeks ago i had to have emergency surgery due to adhesions wrapping
> around my small intestine. i am sooo afraid of this happening again.
> can anyone who has had this happen plz share with me their experiences
> and whether it has been a recurrent problem or not??
> thanks so much, karen

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