Re: At the end of my rope

From: Christina Brown (
Mon Jan 31 20:31:32 2005

Thanks for the advice... But I am afraid constipation is absolutely not my problem. I have diahrea ALL THE TIME. Even on hardcore opiates, that is enough to keep me from having completely liquid stool, but I still have extremely loose bowel movements even on methadone. I usually have to take Immodium at least 3 times a week. I have tried to find a food allergy, by eating one thing, and then adding one thing at a time etc... Nothing seems to make any better. My Dr suggested eating high fiber wheat bread, this made my diahrea worse than ever. Out of desperation I have just now begun to investigate whether it could be something in my home that is making me sick (ie mold or mildew somewhere that can't be seen...I know that sounds like grasping at straws, but coincidently my husband bought this house 4yrs ago.

Prior to moving here..I NEVER had diahrea unless I had stomach flu or something. I usually was constipated. Once I get my medications sorted out with the Pain Management Doc, I see him tomorrow..Thank You Lord!!!! I am thinking of going to stay with my parents for about a week, and seeing if the diahrea stops...If it does then that would be a real breakthrough. Thanks so much. Hugs to All of you..and Thank you for your warm words of encouragment ~Christina

At Sat, 29 Jan 2005, wrote: >
>My doctor calls me a "walking time bomb." Isn't that wonderful?
>I cannot have a colonoscopy or even a sigmoidoscopy because my bowels
>are so tied up with adhesions they can't get the instruments inside!
>I have had problems since 1966 when I had a ruptured appendix and
>peritonitis. Since then I have had multiple surgeries for lysis of
>adhesions and have had many bowel obstructions from adhesions. Sound

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