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I try to go to a massage therapist and she works on the areas that are bad and also on my feet which are the intestinal points. I can only go so often though.

I have gone to all of the GREAT surgeons that have been recommended on this site and I still have adhesions.

I am really sick of being sick. I have suffered with this for years now. Every day, same old thing. I have traveled to Lubbock to the best pain dr. also. I have upper adhesions down to the vaginal area. There aren't any areas that are free. I am tired of being on pain meds also. But, what do we do? We have to go on....I had such great hope when I went for surgery to these drs. that were supposed to be the ones to cure us.

It seems as though it doesn't get any easier coping either. Rest and exercise are the best thing. I don't mean laying in bed all day but trying to get good rest at night so depession doesn't set in so bad. I stay busy all day but I can't work any more.

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My bowels are also encased in scar tissue. There is pain, but we go on.

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