Re: Abdominal Adhesions

From: Margaret (
Mon Jan 17 21:54:14 2005

I'm on a puree, low fiber low residue diet too! With Peptamen. My cousin with Crohns had a marathon 18 hour surgery at Chapel Hill (teaching hospital) to patch together enough small intestine to get her off TPN (she ended up with a grand total of six feet, which was great-she can eat now, but needs B-12 shots).At this point I'm pretty happy to stick with the diet and not do more surgery...I'm supposed to have another lap but I'm about ready to leave well enough alone, unless something else changes.

I'm too lazy to cook and blend/strain so I eat a lot of baby food-Beechnut has a program where you save the UPC's and send them in to get coupons so that works out quite well. I have so many associations with "regular" food and severe pain that I don't even want it any more...its been really difficult for me to decide whether to go with more surgery, or just stick with what works for now-my doc is leaving it up to me. I hope you get the answers you need. I've been back and forth a lot on what to do...


She changed my diet to puree >only and so far I have not had any more blockages.

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